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Let's Start ...

To all those interested in Affiliate Marketing, today I'm going to talk more about Affiliate Marketing.

Instead of linking you to Wikipedia and shit lemme explain it in less than a sentence. You basically get paid a commision for selling someone elses product. As simple as that. Now, the actual method of doing it might not be as simple as it seems, so let's start ...


ClickBank Account

Let's start by creating ClickBank account, to join ClickBank click the above link and simply start by pressing "Sign Up" located at top right corner. This is pretty basic process and is the same for everyone, after you're done adding your informations (real informations otherwise you wont get payed) you will be asked whether you want to be "Vendor" or "Affiliate", you should pick "Affiliate". After you're done you have to confirm your email and you're set to go, do not mind the survey after signing up unless you have free time to complete it, I never did.

Bing Ads Account

BingAds is Yahoo based program, what it basically does is offer advertising through both Yahoo and Bing search engines for much lower cost per click than Google AdWords and gives you much more options than Google as well as you wont notice any drop in traffic whatsoever. I created a chart a year ago as to why I prefer BingAds over Google AdWords.

I believe you should understand by now why I prefer BingAds over Google anytime. To register to Bing Ads click HERE. They offer a free 25$ coupon, to claim it you'll need to create a Blogspot and add it while signing up, your actual Blog can be blank, literally, all you have to do is provide them a website that's not in use (do not even try adding someone elses though, wont work). You should receive your free coupon within 24h. Once you do get it, you need to attach it to your account. To do so, you need to click on "Account and Billing" at the top of the home page, then when a list of accounts pop ups you need to select yours and simply scroll to the bottom of the page where it's going to say "Promotion Code". I made an image to help you out.

You may have to enter some sort of alternative billing option before it lets you run the free $25. If you enter a credit or debit card/PayPal, it will not be charged until the $25 has completely run out. If you determine you don’t want to continue running your campaign once the $25 is exhausted – maybe you want to wait for your Click Bank check to come in the mail first – then you will have to pause your campaign before you exceed the limit.

ClickBank Product

You don’t want just any product, you want a good product. You want a profitable product. You want a product where you will be able to know what a buyer is searching when they want that product.

Scroll through Click Bank’s “Marketplace” area. This is where all of the vendors products are located. Some of them are garbage and some of them are gold. Finding out the difference is all up to you. Fortunately Click Bank gives you a few ways to sort all of the different products. You can sort by gravity and popularity (not entirely sure what the difference is, the results seem to barely differ), you can sort by what the average sale amount is as well as the rebill amount.

I personally like products with re-billing. Think about it. You could spend a month advertising for the product and say you make 20 sales.

  • So the next month you make 27 sales because you tweaked your campaign a little and improved your Click Through Ratio (CTR).
  • On top of the 27 sales you made this month, you still collect money from the original 20.
  • The following month, you then make another 27 sales on top of collecting money from the first 47 people.

The tricky part about these kind of products though, is that they may not be profitable the first month, but then a year later you could be making a boatload because you still have 100s of recurring commissions. It’s a great thing to see all of those commissions coming in at the same time when you’re only spending a small margin on the advertising.

The problem is still finding a high quality and profitable product.

  • When you see that a product has a lot of gravity or high popularity you can’t always assume that it’s profitable for you.
  • If the popularity and gravity are high that means that some people are making a lot of money off of it. On the other hand, it means you’re probably going to have a lot of competition in that niche.
  • The perfect scenario is when you find a product that has recently became popular throughout the world and is on the incline. You can be one of the front - runners and make money with it before it becomes too competitive.

Since it would be pretty much impossible for me to show you this strategy without using a specific product, I’m going to walk you through the keyword process for a product called Satellite Direct. I've used it for past 3 years.

It’s a software that allows users to watch television channels through their computer. Let’s get started.

Keyword Tool

So let's start by getting the keywords, go to Keyword Planner by Google, link HERE.

So how did I do it? I looked at the affiliate program for the product I’m promoting and it gave me 440 suggested keywords. A good start but not even close to where we want to be.

  • I copy and paste them all into the keyword tool to see what comes up. If it appears the suggested keywords get a ton of monthly searches. That’s a good sign already that this could be a very profitable product.
  • If your affiliate program doesn’t have any suggested keywords, just type a couple in that you know people would be typing in search engines if they wanted to buy your product. For this product I would have typed in keywords like “watch tv on my computer” and others related to that.

As I look around, I’m quickly noticing that some of the keywords I got from the affiliate program are pretty weak and the person typing them in wouldn’t be a motivated buyer for my product. I go through and eliminate all of them. The fastest way to do this is to go through the words you entered in the keyword tool and check the box next to the good one. Once you have all the good ones selected, copy and paste them back into the keyword tool.

Now that you have all the useful keywords in the tool start browsing through the results and get a feel for what kind of terms are search frequently. See if you can get them sorted into a couple different groups based on their keywords.

One of the groups I notice right away that I can have sorted is key phrasesusing “streaming”. So that’s going to be my first target. In the box on the left it asks if there are any keywords you would like to include in all search results.

There’s a lot of different ways you can alter keywords and get as many as you possibly can. The whole theory behind this technique is that if you get 100s of infrequently searched long tail keywords, you will be able to find ones that are a low cost and don’t have many people bidding on them. If no one else is bidding on the term, you will show up first in the search results, which will result in a lot of cheap clicks and sales of your product.

Once you get up to 800 keywords, you’re maxed out using this strategy and should proceed with creating an ad. You dont actually need those 800 I'm just teaching you how to get as many as possible. You can start with as low as 5 but the whole impression/clicks ratio will be rather low.

Creating Ad And Website

This will be rather short (or not?), I'll quickly show you a chart of difference between having and a website and using direct linking(AdWorks doesnt let you do this though).

If you use website you're gonna need hosting and domain, if not all you need is Hoplink from your Clickbank product. AdCenter offers you to mask your URL into anything you want.

Once you decided if you’re going to create an actual website or not, it’s time to create the ad. In Adcenter, go to “Campaigns” and click “Create Campaign”. Set your campaign budget.

You can actually set the budget to $25 a month if you would like it to stop running once the $25 credit is exhausted and you would like to evaluate and alter your campaign before you want it to continue.

  • Next you’re going to need to select the locations you want your ad to appear. Sometime you’re just going to want US and Canada and for some products you’re going to want to do all English speaking counties. It’s really your judgment call.
  • I’m going to choose all English speaking countries for my Satellite Direct product. Under that is where you create the ad that’s going to be displayed. Make sure it is set to “text ad” as that is going to be what we are using.
  • This is where half the magic comes in. The position ads rank when displayed on the search engines doesn’t only involve what the bids for the words are, but also what the Click Through Ratio (CTR) is.

Think about it… if someone has an ad that gets clicked on 1/100 with a bid of .20 and someone else has an ad that gets clicked on 2/100 with a bid of .18, who is Adcenter making more money off of? The one that gets clicked on 2/100 times, even though their bid is lower. As you can see, CTR can make a huge difference in how much you spend and how much your ads get clicked. Think about this one: Imagine someone bidding .50 per click and getting 1/100 to click his ad then imagine someone bidding .26 and getting 2/100 to click the ad.

The more things that are bolded, the more you eye is drawn to it.

We’re going to keep that theory into consideration the whole time we are creating these ads. I’m going to start with the “streaming” keyword list I had made earlier. Satellite Direct’s huge pitch is that they have 3500+ channels you can stream. So I make my title “3500+ Streaming Channels”. I have “streaming” bolded because it is in every term in my keyword list so I know any time someone search one of the terms this ad will show up for, they will have “streaming” as a bolded word.

  • Next comes the ad text. This is usually two lines long – at least it should be if you use it to its full potential. There’s a couple different ways you can go about doing this strategy. You can make the text look as if it’s a testimonial of the product, or you can outline the customers benefits they will receive by using the product.

I made it look like a testimonial, you can check below.

After that all you have to do is copy/paste keywords, set bids according to what I suggested you and let your ad review by Bing, afterwards it will automatically run as long as you have credit/set limit.

Rinse and Repeat

Hopefully you understand atleast a bit from what I just wrote, this is so simple once you get a hang of it, also dont get upset when keyword tool starts to spit out random keywords, remain calm and check only those you feel are worth it.

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Do not hesitate to post them in the thread, I'll create FAQ as well to help others.

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